Rustic Dining Table With Splayed Legs

This rustic dining table has been handmade in Melbourne from recycled fence paling and rails. The palings and rails are denailed and sanded to reveal a rich rustic charm only achieved with recycled timber.

The palings and rails are machined to the same thickness throughout and then re-machined so they are all straight and any bows are removed from the timber. Next the pieces of timber are are firmly attached to a substrate ready for sanding.

Any nail holes or large crevices are filled and allowed to set before the entire table top is sanded. The table top undergoes several rounds of sanding starting with a coarse grit paper and finished with a very fine grit paper. Once the table top has a smooth to touch surface it is treated with several coats of polyurethane varnish giving a smooth matt finish.

The legs are made from fence palings and are made in loop giving a strong character and unique look.

Custom versions of this table are available, use the contact form below to let us know your requirements.



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