Recycled Timber Dining Table With Industrial Legs

This dining table once stood as fence in someones garden. Now it serves as a central meeting and dining point for a beautiful young family. Made to specific dimensions for a particular space this dining table can be made to match your dining area and your homes colour scheme,

Each fence paling has the nails removed by hand before being planed to ensure they are all the same thickness. Any bows in the timber are removed before each piece is sanded.

Once the palings are all free from nails, are all straight and are all the same thickness they are ready to be made into a table and undergo the several rounds of sanding needed to make this timber a suitable dining surface.

The industrial style legs are made from steel and powder coated (any colour is possible).

Custom versions of this table are available, use the contact form below to let us know your requirements.


183 x 76cm (can be custom made to your size requirements)


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