Rustic Table Tops Made From Reclaimed Hardwood Timber 

This table top much like all of our table tops is made from reclaimed fence palings which are machined and then firmly attached to stable substrate. The timber has weathered in the Australian climate for many years and each paling used has its own unique characteristics making no two recycled table tops the same.

The finish used on these recycled table tops is a water based polyurethane finish so its very hardwearing and super easy to clean with no need for chemical detergents; simply wipe down using a damp cloth or sponge with warm soapy water.

These eco-friendly table tops will make for a great focal point in any cafe or restaurant going for the ever popular rustic theme. Recycling and reclaiming timber is gaining in popularity and the rescued hardwood is perfect material for making furniture.

This particular table has a very smooth feel as the tops of the timber are machined flat unlike our original recycled table top which is sanded with a belt sander. This gives a slightly newer look and less weathered than our other table tops. These can easily have dashes and tones of colour added to them to match any colour palette.

Rustic Table Tops Dimensions:

The sizes in the dropdown are the total outer dimension

Thickness: approx 27-32mm

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