About Us

We absolutely love rescuing timber destined for landfill and turning it into a beautiful piece of furniture.

Recycled timber has a certain warmth that new timber just doesn’t have. Whether it was an old fence, a piece of flooring, a structural beam or a railway sleeper you know that whatever it is now it’s had a previous life only told through the character running through it.

Knots, nail holes, veins and grains all add to the beautiful rustic charm of recycled timber.

To learn more about how we got into recycling timber check out our about us page 🙂

  • Recycled Furniture

    Coffee tables, dining tables, beds or bookshelves; whatever you are after no matter what size and dimension we can do it. All made from beautiful rustic reclaimed timber!

  • Rustic Chalkboards

    What better way to display your menu than on beautiful rustic chalkboard. We can custom make to any size, no problem!

  • Recycled Timber Picture Frames

    Our picture frames are the perfect way to house those precious memories. Whether the warmth of our oiled frame is your choice or it’s the shabby chicness of our white washed style that takes your fancy you can rest assured that those photographs will look fantastic.

  • Recycled Table Tops

    Need some table tops for your cafe or restaurant? Look no further! We can custom make to any size and dimension and even transfer images onto them too to give those diners a truly unique experience!

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