Rustic Dining Table With Black Steel Legs

The timber used to make this rustic dining table once stood as a fence in someones garden. The timber was rescued from landfill and brought to our Melbourne based workshop where it was recycled into this rustic dining table. We would love to make one for you too!

It takes a lot of time to prepare the Victorian Ash fence palings to be fit for making tables out of. First all the nails need to be removed by hand. Next the timber needs to be passed through several machines so that each piece is the same thickness as the next to ensure that table is flat. Each paling also need so be machined to make sure they butt up next to each other with no gaps.

Once the recycled palings are deemed fit to become a table they are attached firmly to a stable, flat substrate and all the nail holes and knots are filled with a contrasting ebony filler. Now the real transformation begins once we hit the table top with the belt sander!

The rustic table top is sanded several times with numerous grades of sandpaper. The final sand is done by hand with a fine course paper before the table is coated with a poly finish.

Our rustic dining tables are a beautiful focal point for any dining room. Each table is 100% unique and has it’s own character through the grain, knots, veins and nail holes.


4 Seater: 135L x 78W x 76H

6 Seater: 180L x 90W x 76H

8 Seater: 220L x 100W x 76H

10 Seater: 250L x 110W x 76H

We can make custom sizes, shoot us a message below with your requirements and we’ll come back to you with a quote.

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