Rustic Split Coffee Table

This coffee table is certainly one on the raw side. We received a bunch of fencing in that was painted blue on one side and white on the other (as seen in the final picture). We wanted to incorporate the original painted colours into the coffee table, the blue and white made a perfect contrast so we flipped a couple of palings over and began sanding. The result was perfect!


In-House Project

Now and again we like to spend a little time making a few pieces for ourselves. We work pretty hard and think we deserve to keep the fruits of our labour occasionally 😉

Our Task


The task here was to keep the painted palings looking as original as possible. We also wanted to have a complete contrast showing how the palings look once all the paint is removed, so we came up with a split design as though the table were made from completely different palings… But they are not 🙂  We also wanted to have solid legs that were continuous from the top of the table and ran down at a 90 degree angle.

Skills Involved


  • Furniture design
  • Joinery
  • Sanding
  • Time management

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