Rustic Spice Rack

Spices! Lovely, lovely spices, where would we be without them? We’d be eating bland food that’s where. Spices deserve their own rack, they shouldn’t be banished to the inside of a cupboard. They should be on display for all to see!


Greg Taylor

A foody through and through, Greg loves sauces, condiments and of course spices! Greg loves nothing more than getting all the pots and pans out, all the utensils and whacking all the ovens, hobs and cookers on high heat and simply going for it. Perhaps he’s the next MasterChef!

Our Task


We were asked to make a spice rack big enough to shelve 40+ spices. The spice rack had to ooze rustic and recycled. For this project we used some driftwood that we had stored away, we knew it’d be exactly what Greg had in mind.

Budget: $250

Skills Involved


  • Furniture design
  • Joinery
  • Sanding
  • Time management

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