Custom Table Tops

Our friends at Day Of The Dead in St Kilda arguably serve the best cocktails and tapas in Melbourne, naturally they wanted the best tables too… We knew just how to tackle this…


Day Of The Dead, Cocktail and Tapas Bar- St Kilda

This Cocktail and Tapas bar is located in St Kilda’s iconic The George Building. Their perfectly balanced cocktails and mouth watering Spanish and Mexican Tapas are enough to satisfy any Melburnian day or night!

Our Task


We were assigned the task of making the inside furniture as pleasing to the eye as the cocktails and tapas served up at the bar. With a name like Day Of The Dead we felt we couldn’t go wrong! Imagery was the key here, we wanted to blend our rustic recycled timber aesthetic with sugar skulls, skeletons and other imagery associated with Day Of The Dead!

They wanted 4 square tables and 2 rectangular tables and our budget was $2,500

Skills Involved


  • Furniture design
  • Joinery
  • Image transferring
  • Time management

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