Handmade Rustic Pirate Ship Coffee Table

When a real life pirate approaches you asking you to hand make a rustic recycled coffee table for them you don’t argue!


Derek Ryan, Pirate

Derek wanted to combine his love of recycled timber furniture with his passion for being a pirate. The toughest part of this project was choosing which of his ships to transfer on to the rustic coffee table 😉

Our Task


Hand make a recycled timber coffee table with white washed legs and a naturally rustic top which will have the chosen pirate ship transferred onto it.

The legs were to be made from the fence rails and the top from the palings. Once the table was complete she pirate ship needed to be transferred and sealed into the top of the table.

Pirates don’t tend to buy things they simply take what they want. At $900 this bespoke table was a steal 😉

Skills Involved


  • Furniture design
  • Joinery
  • Image transferring
  • Time management

Enquire About Custom Coffee Table

Enquire About Custom Coffee Table