Bespoke Rustic Desk

The process for making this bespoke rustic desk follows that of the larger dining table. The rather unusual splayed leg design on this table gives it that little extra uniqueness.


Louisa, Barista from Sydney

Louisa works in one of Sydney’s most loved coffee shops. Like many coffee shops it is dressed to the nines in rustic decor. Crates, trays and tables all with that warmth of recycled timber. She wanted to replicate this in her own home study so we worked together to design her just the right piece of rustic furniture to suit.

Our Task


To design and make a rustic desk that also had some of the client’s favourite  colours running through it. The desk needed to be specific dimensions and the client also wanted to make it really unique by splaying the legs. The splayed legs make for a really interesting yet subtle feature.

Budget: $950

Skills Involved


  • Furniture design
  • Joinery
  • Sanding
  • Time management

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