Custom Sauce Caddy

HOT… HOT… HOT… Grumpy Gary makes some of the finest sauces money can buy so when he approached us asking if we could help with some signage and caddy we were pleased to offer our assistance.


Grumpy Gary’s Hot Sauce

Grumpy Gary’s Hot Sauces is the manufacturer and distributor of  Premium Handcrafted Hot Sauces and is a 100% Australian, family owned business.

Our Task


Our task for Grumpy Gary’s Hot Sauces was two-fold:

  1. Design and manufacture a bespoke A-Frame that could be used as table top signage at markets and shop counters.
  2. Design a wooden storage/gift box that would fit all 6 flavours of Hot Sauce complete with a printed logo on the side

Skills Involved


  • Box design
  • Joinery
  • Graphic design
  • Image transferring
  • Time management

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